By planting the seed…we're growing through giving.


In 2015 the Foundation awarded 64 scholarships totaling $83,850! This was possible because of the generous donations of individuals, businesses and organizations who support the Foundation year after year so that we can continue in our endeavor to make sure every kid has a chance to go to college.

  • Tax-deductible gifts to the Foundation go directly to the local NS graduates. (We are an all volunteer organization with overhead costs of approximately 1%)
  • In our 29 year history, NSEF has given away 736 scholarships totaling more than $1,146,000!
  • The NSEF endowment has grown to over $1,000,000 and still growing.

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Scott Education Foundation is to primarily provide scholarships for post high school education to North Scott graduates and to enhance appropriate school sponsored educational experiences for North Scott Students.

Birdies for Charity

Birdies4CharityYou can be one of our spotlighted donors this year just by making a contribution through Birdies for Charity sponsored by the John Deere Classic. Simply make a flat donation OR pledge one cent or more per birdie. Mail in your official pledge card to Birdies for Charity. No payment is due at this time. After the tournament, Birdies will invoice you and you will pay through them. ALL your contributions or pledge money will be returned to the North Scott Educational Foundation PLUS a 5-10% bonus from John Deere. In 2014 we received 10%!   Pick up an official Pledge card from any NSEF Board Member. Be sure it has the North Scott Educational Foundation number (#1737) is on the pledge form. It’s a great way to give


Winner Spotlight


Six New Scholarships for 2015

This May, the North Scott Educational Foundation will be awarding 61 Scholarships totaling over $83,000! Six of these scholarships are new this year. They total $8,100!

  1. The Linda Ohl Memorial Scholarship for $3000 will be based on academics, character, and will be awarded to a NS wrestler.
  2. The Dennis Haas Memorial Scholarship for $2500 will be a need-based scholarship awarded to a graduate attending a college or university.
  3. The Class of 1964 Scholarship for $1100 is to be awarded to any NS graduate who plans to attend a college or university.
  4. The DeBiose-Christoff       Healthcare Scholarship for $750 will go to a NS graduate entering the field of medicine.
  5. The Diana Wenndt Memorial Scholarship for $500 will be awarded to a past student of teacher, Diana Wenndt’s.

6. The Michael Reed Memorial Scholarship for $250 will go to a NS graduate with a 3.0 grade point average or above.

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Donor Spotlight

A new scholarship endowment was established in 2014-2015. In memory of her late husband, Dr. David DeBiose, Judy Christoff-Debiose of East Lansing, Michigan has started the DeBiose-Christoff Healthcare Scholarship through the gift of stock to the Foundation. Judy, a 1982 graduate of North Scott High School, wished to memorialize her husband, David, who was a radiation oncologist who dedicated his life to taking care of patients with cancer, with an annual scholarship for a NS graduate entering the field of medicine. Thus his legacy of helping others continues.
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Supporting The Future

1) Total Scholarships to be given in 2015: $80,000

2) Total raised through Birdies for Charity: $14,788

3) Total number of Scholarships to be given in May 2015: 60