Financial Aid (FASFA)

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Are you wondering about applying for colleges or technical schools, looking for sources and types of financial aid, applying for aid? The answers to these questions and more can be found on the FAFSA website at It is an invaluable tool for any student looking into post high school education.

When applying for the Foundation scholarships:

  • Students applying for needs-based scholarships (the Arp Scholarships or the Brockhouse Scholarship) must also file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Parents should file their FAFSA form in January or February.
  • The FAFSA form can be completed online, without cost, at A personal identification number (PIN) must be established before submitting FAFSA information online. You should apply for a PIN prior to completing your FAFSA online at (PINs do not expire and one PIN can be used for multiple dependent children.)
  • Upon receipt of the FAFSA form, the US Department of Education will send the applicant a Student Aid Report (SAR) A photocopy of the SAR form should be promptly submitted to the high school guidance office. Without this form, the applicant will not be considered for the need-based scholarships.