Leaving A Legacy

Leave A Legacy Iowa

Plan Your Giving IowaThe North Scott Educational Foundation belongs to a statewide initiative called “Leave a Legacy”. This community-based effort encourages people from all walks of life to make gifts from their estates to non-profit organizations of their choosing. Economists and financial planners estimate that in the United States more than $10 trillion will be passed from aging parents to their children between now and the year 2040. While a great majority of American households make some charitable contributions, similar generosity is not being expressed in term of estate giving. In recent years less than 18% of American households have included nonprofits in an estate plan. Imagine the positive impact on our community if everyone made a donation in their will to a favorite nonprofit organization.

This year there is a new LEAVE A LEGACY Iowa project called “Plan Your Giving Iowa.”

A Lasting Legacy – Alfred & Helen Arp

Alfred and Helen Arp were lifetime farmers in north Scott County. They never had the opportunity to attend college and they never had children of their own. But this farm couple has been instrumental in providing a college education to many, many NS graduates since 1993.

It was then that through their will, the Arps left an incredible gift of $320,000 to the North Scott Educational Foundation for the purpose of sending North Scott kids to college. Over the years, that endowment alone as generated 56 scholarships totaling over $422,000! And it keeps on giving year after year.

The endowment by the Arps was not only a blessing for the Foundation’s efforts, but also a catalyst for the Foundation’s growth as a provider of scholarships to North Scott graduates.

Focus on Philanthropy – Scott and Laura Stevens

Scott Stevens was a graduate of North Scott High School in 1984. In appreciation of the efforts, the lessons, the commitment, and the mentoring of the North Scott teachers who inspired him to study the field of science and become a doctor, Scott and his wife, Laura, made a $10,000 endowment to the North Scott Educational Foundation and established the NSHS Science Faculty Scholarship.

“I like the idea of putting the focus on the teachers who had a tremendous influence on me during my time at North Scott,” says Scott in his letter to the Foundation. Scott states, “I owe a great deal of thanks to Jim Logan, my general science teacher, Rick Moeller, my biology teacher, and Brad Merrick, the chemistry teacher who kept the entire class riveted with his contagious enthusiasm.” Jeff Newmeister was his football coach his freshman year. It was a tough job coaching a bunch of 13 and 14 year old guys but Jeff taught them, among other things, that “Losers make promises. Winners make commitments,” and then he went on to speak about what that meant in terms of preparation and dedication. Even though Scott never played another down of football after that year, he says, “I have used those lessons many times in my career and other endeavors.

This annual NSHS Science Faculty Scholarship is awarded to a “hard-working, respectful North Scott graduate who demonstrates an interest in furthering his/her education in the sciences.

Since establishing this endowment in 2005, Scott and Laura have increased their endowment annually and the amount of the scholarship has risen from $500 to $1600 in 2012. Over $7,500 has been given away in scholarships. “We plan to make this endowment fund a central part of our philanthropic efforts, and perhaps in the future, I’ll be able to engage other NSHS grads in the sciences and encourage them to give back to their alma mater. Scott and Laura Stevens reside in North Mankato, Minnesota.

Insurance of a Continuing Commitment – Mike McArthur

Mickey McArthur was a friend and supporter of the North Scott Educational Foundation for many, many years. He actually was instrumental in establishing the Foundation in the late 1980’s. In 2001, he donated $100,000 to the Foundation in honor of Dr. Robert (Bear) Stevens, a past superintendent of the North Scott School District and a valued friend. A scholarship fund was set up in Dr. Steven’s name and has generated $53,000 in scholarships since then.

Soon after that donation, Mickey purchased a $100,000 life insurance policy on himself naming the North Scott Educational Foundation as the beneficiary. He wanted to make sure that kids from the North Scott community…which he always referred to as his “home”…would be granted college scholarships in his name after he was gone. Sadly, Mickey died in 2009 at the age of 81 from complications from a stroke. A new scholarship was “born” in his name. And as a result, he remains committed to this community each year through the Mickey McArthur Scholarships.