Gift Opportunities

Leave A Legacy

leavealegacyiowa.orgThe North Scott Educational Foundation belongs to a statewide initiative called “Leave a Legacy”. This community-based effort encourages people from all walks of life to make gifts from their estates to non-profit organizations of their choosing. Economists and financial planners estimate that in the United States more than $10 trillion will be passed from aging parents to their children between now and the year 2040. While a great majority of American households make some charitable contributions, similar generosity is not being expressed in terms of estate giving. In recent years less than 18% of American households have included nonprofits in an estate plan. Imagine the positive impact on our community if everyone made a donation in their will to a favorite nonprofit organization.

Plan Your Giving Iowa

Plan Your Giving IowaThis year there is a new LEAVE A LEGACY Iowa project called “Plan Your Giving Iowa.” The project is in collaboration with the Iowa Council of Foundations. This project grew out of the idea set forth by a couple of billionaires—Bill Gates and Warren Buffett—who got together and decided they would give away a lot of their money and challenged their billionaire friends to do the same.

Of course most people in Iowa aren’t billionaires, but the concept is still the same: encourage people to include nonprofits in their estate plans and share their intent with the community. The goal is to emphasize how gifts in wills and estate plans to nonprofits such as the North Scott Educational Foundation can achieve the donor’s goals, help nonprofits further their missions and make our communities better places. Plan Your Giving Iowa has created a website at as the place where individuals can share their commitment with the world by adding their name to the list.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. A person plans or reviews their will and estate plans.
  • 2. They include a nonprofit organization as a beneficiary of part of their estate (will, 401(k), life insurance, etc.).
  • 3. They add their name to the growing list of individuals who have let the world know they are going to continue to make an impact in the future at
  • 4. That’s it!

See the website for more details. And think about making your pledge today!