About The Process

1) The application process

  • In February, the scholarship application forms are distributed at the High School.
  • One application form covers all the scholarships offered by the Foundation as well as additional scholarships awarded by businesses, churches and organizations in the North Scott area. Students simply check the scholarships they are applying for, keeping in mind the qualifications and restrictions listed for each specific scholarship.
  • This application form asks for postgraduate plans, academic information, school activities, community involvement, and financial need and requires the student to write and submit an essay.
  • Students applying for needs-based scholarships must also file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). Parents should file their FAFSA form in January or February.
  • Upon receipt of the FAFSA form, the US Department of Education will send the applicant a Student Aid Report (SAR). A photocopy of the SAR form should be promptly submitted to the high school guidance office. Without this form, the applicant will not be considered for the need-based scholarships.
  • The FAFSA form can be completed online, without cost, at www.fafsa.ed.gov. A personal identification number (PIN) must be established before submitting FAFSA information online. You should apply for a PIN prior to completing your FAFSA online at www.pin.ed.gov. (PINs do not expire and one PIN can be used for multiple dependent children.)
  • The deadline for the scholarship application is 3:05 on March 4, 2013. Applications must be turned into the High School Guidance Office.

2) The selection process

  • Beginning in March, the Scholarship Committee members read all applications and essays submitted. Each applicant is evaluated on academics, school and community involvement and the essay. This is done on a numerical scale by each member. Please note: students who violate the school’s Good Conduct Policy during their senior year will have points deducted from their overall score, but will still be eligible for scholarships.
  • The numerical score of each judge is input into a computer program that assigns an overall score to each applicant.
  • In late April the committee will convene to determine scholarship winners based on those overall scores. Typically, the students with the highest scores receive the largest scholarships.
  • Please note that the two need-based scholarships are awarded solely on need, as determined by the completion of the FAFSA form.

3) Scholarship awards ceremony

  • In mid-May, the High School holds an awards ceremony to announce scholarship winners.

Awarding of scholarship money

  • In July scholarship checks are sent out.
  • The checks are written to the university or college for the benefit of the student recipient and sent directly to the college or university.
  • Scholarship money can be distributed in one lump sum or divided over a number of semesters as instructed by the terms of the scholarship.